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Now more than ever people from all over our world are in search of a way to earn an income online. With all of the lock downs and unemployment caused by the coronavirus, covid 19 has played a huge part in this. Now is a great time to start a 100% online venture and affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way for a beginner to proceed. The biggest issue that most beginners face is the fact that there are many scams out there on the internet and it’s not always easy to determine what’s legitimate. I’ve been earning an income online since 2009 so I’ve run across more than my share of both types and everywhere in between. To answer the question, is Legendary Marketer a Scam or Legit Training Platform, it’s not only 100% legitimate but it’s also the absolute best way to start as a beginner! I know this because not only have I been earning online for the past 11 years, I’ve been assisting friends earn online since 2014 as well.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way to promote other people’s/company’s products and/or services without the headaches of shipping, storing or providing support. Unlike Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or other business models, all is accomplished 100% online. No hotel meetings, house parties, direct selling, uplines, downlines, etc… and that’s why I absolutely love & promote Affiliate Marketing Online. Years ago, I tried the MLM thing and it wasn’t for me although I did learn a lot as well as met some amazing friends. Most every large mainstream company that you can name has an affiliate program because they would rather pay for a customer acquired than have to advertise, hoping to attract customers. Affiliate Marketing is a win-win for everyone involved as the consumer pays the exact same amount and we get a percentage of the sale that we helped to generate plus the company sells their product and/or service. Affiliate Marketing

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an online learning platform that allows you to learn and grow at your own pace no matter what speed you wish to travel. You’ll be able to take the 15-day Business Builder’s Challenge for a mere $7 that includes:

  • Day 1: The #1 Secret To Starting & Scaling A High-Ticket Business
  • Day 2: The “Core 4” High-Ticket Business Models Online
  • Day 3: Watch Me Build A Business In Under 30 Minutes
  • Day 4: How To Master The Inner-Game of Wealth
  • Day 5: The Big Day – Developing Your Business Plan!
  • Day 6: You Got Questions, and I Got Answers!
  • Day 7: When Should I Quit My Job To Build My Business Full-Time?
  • Day 8: What Are High-Income Skills and Why Do You Need Them?
  • Day 9: High-Income Skill #1 – Lead Generation
  • Day 10: High-Income Skill #2 – Copywriting
  • Day 11: High-Income Skill #3 – Sales and Presenting
  • Day 12: What, When and Where To Outsource
  • Day 13: Using “OPM” To Build Your Business
  • Day 14: 4 Ways To Avoid “Wantrepreneur Syndrome”
  • Day 15: Your First Sale and the Journey Of Your Success

Not only that but with Legendary Marketer, you’ll have your very own Business Coach & Adviser available for a call, email and/or text. Bonuses Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

Other Great Bonuses available (Valued at over $2,579)

  • The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge $997
  • Bonus #1 – a Customized High-Ticket Business Plan $497
  • Bonus #2 – FB Ads Templates $297
  • Bonus #3 – High-Ticket Email Templates $297
  • Bonus #4 – High-Ticket Video Scripts $297
  • Bonus #5 – High-Ticket Phone Scripts $297
  • Bonus #6 – Personal 1-on-1 Business Plan Consultation With An Adviser From My Team $397
  • Bonus #7 – a Copy Of My Top Converting High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Funnel $497

$3,576 In Total Value Start The Challenge Right Now for Just $7!

Bonus #1 – a Customized High-Ticket Business Plan Now that you have the core information and training you need we’ll help you create your own customized business plan. You now have clarity on exactly what you want and how to achieve it (step-by-step). This is what you’ve been missing that’s been holding you back…until now!

Bonus #2 – FB Ads Templates FB is the hottest advertising platform on earth right now so I’ll give you templates complete with image and text examples of some of my students’ highest converting ads to ensure you get results and stay compliant!

Bonus #3 – High-Ticket Email Templates The bedrock of every high ticket purchase is establishing trust and delivering value. Use these email templates to do that for you!

Bonus #4 – High-Ticket Video Scripts Knowing what to say and how to stay can sometimes be overwhelming. With these video scripts, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it so you can build your brand and have a long-lasting high-ticket business (these will make you look like a rock star on video!)

Bonus #5 – High-Ticket Phone Scripts Use these powerful phone scripts (or train someone) to enroll new high ticket clients into your business effortlessly and without being slimy or salesy. These scripts will give you the exact words to say to make enrolling new high-ticket clients simple, easy and effective.

Bonus #6 – Personal 1-on-1 Business Plan Consultation With An Adviser From My Team We have an experienced and professional team of Advisors that you can book a call with and get the personalized care and attention you’ve been missing. Ask questions and get helpful tips to avoid costly mistakes and achieve success as fast as possible.

Bonus #7 – a Copy Of My Top Converting High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Funnel I’m Going To Load A Copy Of My Actual PAGES Into Your Clickfunnels (if you don’t have one you can take a free trial through my special link – this is the same sales funnel page builder I use to run all my campaigns.

Profitable Online Business

Why is Legendary Marketer the Best Training for Beginners?

Anything that is legitimate takes time & while there’s no magic formula for a “Get Rich Quick” thing, there are ways that work in 2020 that will speed up your ability to learn and earn 100% online. That’s what separates Legendary Marketer from the other programs, the training is constantly updated so you’re always getting the most up to date material. Legendary Marketer has a weekly Monday call that is optional & very informational. Legendary Marketer also has a Facebook Group that is very helpful and active for Affiliates. The training at Legendary Marketer assists any type of business to grow and thrive in today’s economy, I stress the Affiliate Model as that’s my area of expertise. I’m know as The Digital Marketing Veteran & am a Freelance Digital Marketer helping friends to also earn online with Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs and/or become a Wealthy Super Affiliate.

Legendary Marketer’s Affiliate Program

While becoming an Affiliate for Legendary Marketer is optional as well as having an application process, it’s very lucrative. The affiliate training is far and above any other training that I’ve ever received in my over 11 years earning an income online. Not only are the commissions more than fair, there are 2 options available. There’s a free option as well as a Pro option, the free option has a lower percentage of payout but is perfect for anyone not yet ready for the $30 per month Pro option. Of course, I do highly recommend the Pro option as not only are the percentages & commissions higher, the extras are amazing as well. As a Pro Affiliate, there are 4 other streams of passive & residual income available as well as Top Earner Advanced Training. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

My Final Thoughts

As stated above, get started now with the beginner’s training at Legendary Marketing as it’s the absolute best way for anyone to earn while you learn. The 15-day business challenge is amazing and for $7 can’t be matched anywhere in the online training marketing industry. I hope that you now know my feelings as to the question whether Legendary Marketer is a scam or legit training platform. Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or Legit Training Platform? 100% Legit! Click on any of the images above to learn more & get started earning & learning now with the absolute best online training program in the world for beginners, Veterans and everyone in between as well!

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  1. Hello there Tony, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains useful informations for beginners to learn from. It is amazing how you can easily earn well over six figures every year just by doing affiliate marketing and digital product.

  2. Thank you so much for presenting this wonderful article on Legendary Marketer. This Legendary Marketer is a platform from which anyone can become proficient in training on affiliate marketing that teaches a variety of secret techniques. I also joined here as a new marketer and learned a lot from here. So those who want to learn something new can join this platform which is my advice.

  3. Hi,

    From my research, Legendary marketer is a done for you online business packed full of training from some of the best digital marketers in the world. Legendary marketer was created by David Sharpe, David has made more than 170 MILLION in sales online and has been featured in many high-level publications like Forbes. If you decide to join Legendary marketer you are given the opportunity to license their products and make some truly impressive commissions.

    Thank you.


  4. For anyone who is a beginner in affiliate marketing and just learning all it requires and means, it is important to be able to find a good platform where you can learn all you need to know from and also gain expertise while you earn money along the line. In my opinion, legendary marketer is the best platform for this. 

  5. Hello Tony, thanks for sharing this article article on legendary marketing. This article would be helpful with guiding beginners. This is my first time of hearing of the individual platform legendary marketing and I’m happy you explained it In a very understandable way. I will love to share this article with friends and families who are trying to get their business set up

  6. Hello Tony , it was really thoughtful of you to sharing this enlighten information, I’m going to get started with the beginners training at legendary marketing because it’s one of the best ways to earn an while you’re learning , I have done the multi level marketing before but it wasn’t really for me but I’m glad I came across affiliate marketing, it is really helpful. 

  7. It’s been a pleasure coming to the site because I have been learning and it’s all good for me so far as I’m happy. I think that it will be more than worthy if it was that I was a beginner and I should go through all this training and lessons that are available here. But I think we should live that to those who will just be joining us and hopefully. 

  8. Hello Tony, this is really some good stuff to tell. Legendary marketer is definitely for legends and not for some ordinary person on the streets because of the way it ie. Many people must have joined wealthy affiliate and seen the many benefits that it has so I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t become a part of those great number who have began enjoying all the goodies from it. Nice talk!

  9. Marketing is  a very good and lucrative business to do but as it is, all businesses requires a lot of time to read about it and you need to have a very clear background knowledge of what it about. This beginners training is a good one and it’ll be of benefit to a lot of ne

  10. Good day here and thank you for this here. It is never easy to get started with affiliate marketing but it has always been a bliss to know that a lot more can happen that will ensure  that we get to learn affiliate marketing better on a better platform. Though I wouldn’t know how it is but it feels good being here altogether. Thank you for all that has been shared

  11. I like Legendary Marketer’s Affiliate Program because it’s a best begginer program, for the brilliant job training and it doesn’t cost much. Anyone can afford it if they want to enter their development. A little bit of money and a little more energy and time will get you to successful business. It’s good that you can take the 15-day Business Builder’s Challenge and check yourself out. Best Regards.

  12. You’ve given so much more information you have given in here about legendary marketer and the prospects of actually making it well here. I am still not very comfortale with legendary marketer because I cannot deal with upsells. This is why I prefer WA. Regardless, I value all that you have placed here and I would say I appreciate this post a lot. Thank you is much for sharing and honestly, this is very great to see 

  13. You are absolutely right that the covid19 has effected all of us financially. However, we should look at this problem as an opportunity in disguise. Now more than ever, we finally work less and have more time to learn something new for the first time and I agree now it i time to learn about affiliate marketing. The cost is way less than having the physical store and best of all we do not have to deal with the Customer Service as well. Thanks for the course breakdown

  14. Affiliate Marketing is the best and suitable option or most beginners desiring to do money online. Legendary Marketer’s program  of $7 is an awesome and irresistible deal.

    Unfortunately success requires education. So if education is made accessible for such a low price it is worth grabbing.Thank you for the informative article.

  15. I totally agree with you legendary marketer is the best training ground for beginners as it has all it to produce well grounded affiliate marketers but the killer factor is the fact that they are a bit expensive especially for those that don’t have much and with the covid-19 pandemic lockdown everyone is still recovering, but all the same they are the best.

  16. I have read about Legendary Marketers in your article a few times and I’m really glad that I came across them as I think the platform is positively one of the best affiliate training programs out there. I’m most impressed by how seamless it is to register for the program and also the profitable aspects of it. Thank you for sharing this article 

  17. The 15 day course for just $7 seems to be a great a value.  In terms of further courses, I would have to see course outlines as you shared on the 15 day challenge to see if I would pay the fee for each.  I have done MLM and made money, but the continuing need to recruit was too much.  Affiliate marketing, where I am working on my own for them most part, is more for me.  Thanks for the information.

  18. As a beginner it’s very important that you look out for training that is very suitable for you and you can really trust with vital information, because there are lots of classes online that are just there to waste your time and collect your money so it’d be a good idea reading through this and using it.

  19. Hello Tony, this is a good post on this legendary marketer business and I think that they have really done a good job to tell us about this beginner training. I would love to try it out to see how well it would be able to work for me too because I see you have packed a whole lot of information on it too which is good stuff. Thank you very much for this good info.

  20. I have also had experience with both Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and Legendary Marketer (LM). With WA there are no hidden costs and everything is up front. I’ve even migrated off of my old webhosting service and moved everything over to WA.

    Legendary Marketer at the time I joined and was doing the 14-day training, the only thing my “coach” was interested in was whether or not I was going to purchase the $2000.00 upsell. And, when I said no I got no more interest from her at all. She didn’t help one bit and I was spending hundreds of dollars every month on Clickfunnels, Aweber, and Legendary Marketer and getting no results and no help. In addition, their way for us to advertise was to spend hundreds of dollars on ads. The help amounted to, “watch the training”.

    Perhaps my experience was unusual, but it was my experience with LM. 

    I thought LM could be a good thing but it was way too costly and way to little help. 

    Have things changed since then? You say it only costs $7 for 14-days training, what happens after that? What upsells do they have?

    • I indeed have had a much different & better experience with Legendary Marketer than you had.  It does take work as does any other training available online, there isn’t a “Get Rich Quick” method available at LM.

      How long ago did you not get anywhere with the LM training?

      I have never been pressured to advertise spending even $1 on ads.

      LM just like any other training is only as good as the effort put into learning and implementing the things learned ….. How long did you try to become successful with LM?

      WA is great as well, I do agree with that part of your comment.

      Thank you for sharing your experience Les,


  21. David Sharpe is great and the 15-day challenge by Legendary Marketer is a very good training program. My favorite part is the fact that you can schedule a private call with a coach so to think about your business with the help of an expert. It is a very interesting program and the price is very very low if compared to what it offers. Thank you for sharing!

  22. David Sharpe is a success story in the world of marketing and seeing him here is just an icing on the auger of the whole content marketing and knowing about making money online through marketing. Learning affiliate marketing through him would only help anybody get to the very top in no time. 

  23. Hello Tony, I am pleased to be here learning of this wonderful information. I experienced an article like this on the web and it changed my insight about Best Beginner Training and gave me another framework to move toward Legendary Marketer. Still I have to say thank you for sharing 

  24. Legendary Marketer is a great way to start making money online for as small as $7 especially because of this global pandemic. I have not used it yet as I am working on Wealthy Affiliate but I have seen so many great reviews and recommendations on it and I might start on it soon because you also recommend it. Thank you Tony for the 

  25. Interesting to see your take on legendary marketer and what they gave to offer to us to help achieve the very best in here. Well! I value your take here and I would love to get really involved in this too. Legendary marketer is definitely worth it and can actually help a lot to achieve the very best for us as beginner marketers. Thanks 

  26. It’s always good for newbies to find a  very good platform to learn from In order to be able to make the best out of their time online. Thanks for sharing this amazing article, it’ll help you know best and benefiting from it would enable you to make a lot of money from your business.

  27. No doubt Legendary Marketer is good, I am signed up as a free affiliate. I also did sign up for the 15 day business challenge over a year ago but have not made it past day three and the call. Partly because I am chicken and partly because except for the 7 dollars I can’t invest right now. Do you think I can still get through the challenge on just the 7 dollars? I can say without a doubt what I get out of the facebook group is pure gold!! 

  28. The video that I just saw, is very clear showing the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Legendery Marketer. For a starter WA is a must go. Although I can say, because I have read some promotions from Legendery Marketer, that if you have some extra money, you could catalyze in some point for the higher tickets. 

    I see WA a based Platform, and works well with Legendary Marketer as an intermediate or advanced marketer. They complement each other. But by far, you will still need WA to keep improving.

  29. I have tried forex trading as a way of making money online but that ruite has made me lose a lot of money. This offer to learn affiliate marketing has caught my eye and i will definitely give it a try. $7 is not that much given the knowledge that one is going to gain from this, not trying it out will be doing a disservice to myself 

  30. What a lot of data that you have given out in this wonderful and intriguing article I should offer you a major go-ahead… I experienced an article like this on the web and it changed my insight about Best Beginner Training and gave me another framework to move toward Legendary Marketer… .you’re the best for sharing.

  31. Hello there Tony, I really enjoyed reading your article and watching the videos in it, learning all about Legendary Marketer. I appreciate the effort and time you put into researching and fact checking the platform before giving your detailed review about it. I agree with you that Legendary Marketer is a great platform for training starting affiliate marketers with no experience in the field. 

  32. Hello Tony, thank you for your time.

    you mentioned that Anything that is legitimate takes time & while there’s no magic formula for a Get Rich Quick thing, there are ways that work and i believe that engaging these ways will bring about great profit. thank you very much for this article

  33. I have heard about Legendary Marketer before, but was somehow under the impression that it had a very high price ticket associated with it. Maybe it was with the upsells. But at only $7 for a 15 day training program, it does seem like a program that would be worth investigating and investing in. Interesting to see that their affiliate program is lucrative and have a 2-tier system, depending on your level of membership, so that could be another reason to join Legendary Marketer.

  34. Yes, COVID-19 has had us at home more time we ever imagined we would be (or could be, LOL).And it has been a nice time to acquire new skills and try different platforms. And I have been hearing a lot about Legendary Marketer recently and your post has encouraged me to try it out!

  35. Who doesn’t want to be a legendary marketer? I know I want to and Tony you sure seem like you have figured something out man. It’s quality and quantity – I like your strategy and it’s something I have been thinking about doing for a while and haven’t gotten around to it until now. In 1999 I wanted to start a dropshipping website- WAY before it was cool. I wish I had and so now I’m making up for lost time- but your info and blog has proven very valuable and inspirational. Thanks!

  36. Hello Tony, it’s clear we all want to have a training course to be a better person in business and with that it’s best we get involved with a platform for our line of business that gives quality training to it’s members. I really like what you have given here in this article and I believe legendary marketer would do a lot of good

  37. This is some very good stuff and I thi k that it will be more than worthy if it was that I was a beginner and I should go through all this training and lessons that are available here. But I think we should live that to those who will just be joining us and hopefully we can talk about more stuff too.

  38. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this information here will be of great help to any one who come across it as it is to me. What’s cool about this is that you can still easily earn well over six figures or seven figures every year just by doing affiliate marketing and digital product.


  39. It’s good to have an article like this, it makes it really easy for you to know what and what is good for you and the ones you should stay off  online. It’s good to always have a background knowledge of whatever you do online, I mean business, it’ll help you know a lot and thread for safely.

  40. So much more information you have given in here about legendary marketer and ttge prospects of actually making it well here. I value all.these that you have placed here and I would say I appreciate this post a lot. Thank you is much for sharing and honestly, this is very great to see here. Thumbs up to you

  41. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about Best Beginner Training and gave me a new system to approach Legendary Marketer….thanks a lot for sharing.

  42. Hi Tony, 

    I know I am really slow on such matters but I really learned a lot from this article. Now I know who Dave Sharpe is and all those emails I’ve been getting from him or from someone trying to get me to sign up to Legendary Marketer. 

    I learned a great deal from the video that compares Legendary Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate and I am glad that I chose the latter. I prefer to pay once and not be bombarded with upsells. Writing is also something that I naturally gravitate towards and since I have professional experience working in video production from years ago.

    I understand visual editing and narrative composition I am confident to tackle video when I am ready. It is good to know the strengths of the Legendary Marketer training and approach. 

    Thanks much for this. Best regards, Andy

  43. Hello there!

    That was a great one. It is no doubt that a wider range of people are now looking for all possible means to work and earn from the comfort of their homes. However, the process is always very challenging for beginners, and this article is really helpful to guide beginners in starting the journey and going through it smoothly.

    Thanks for that helpful guide.

  44. Wow. This training looks like a great deal for $7. So much is covered. I can’t refuse. Thanks so much for sharing all this information. I really can’t refuse a 15-day program for $7. I’ve done the MLM route too and it wasn’t for me either. Affiliate marketing looks exciting. Thanks for the info!


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